Hi! I’m excited to share my passion of travel with you and a little background about myself! Growing up, my parents always made it a priority to take family vacations. However, my excitement was ignited when I traveled to Europe for three weeks on a music tour with the Iowa Ambassadors of Music program in high school. I played the oboe in the concert band and sang in the choir. I was exposed to incredible architecture, magnificent cathedrals, and new people! I guess you would say I became “hooked”! In college, I graduated with a degree in Travel & Tourism Sales & Marketing. I met my husband and we started a family. I was privileged to teach 30+ students piano lessons and was a mother of two beautiful daughters! As our second daughter approached kindergarten, I became involved in the construction of a new hotel/conference center. I managed the property for five years and loved welcoming guests from around the world! Again, my family came first, so I took a break from the hospitality world and worked part time at a local fundraising company that sells the well-known frozen Butterbraid® pastries. Later, I became the office manager of a seed company, Federal Hybrids. Part of my responsibilities included coordinating the annual incentive trip for dealers. This reignited my enthusiasm for travel and is how I met my current employer, Carolyn Waffle. My second daughter was heading off to college and I returned back to my “roots”! I have been selling travel ever since! I am fortunate to also escort student music trips through Group Travel Planners out of Burnsville, MN. I have been active in our local school music booster organization for several years and have been involved in assisting with their student trips. I thoroughly enjoy watching students perform in venues across the country and being exposed to new places and cultures! It takes me back to my memorable high school trips as well! I think it’s imperative to give back to others and be active in your local communities. I currently serve on our local school board, county hospital board, and am the school music booster coordinator/treasurer. In the past I have served on various tourism boards, taught Sunday School, served as a community drive member, WB Economic Development member, and local Chamber of Commerce member. Perhaps one of the best pieces of advice I have ever received was from my father. He taught me to “Live Life Along The Way!” Don’t wait until the day you retire to travel! That day may never come or your health may forbid you to go. Make memories with your children - they grow up so fast! Before you know it you may be a grandmother like me! I will tell you that being a grandmother is awesome! Every day is a Gift and Love is a gift that you need to give daily and not take for granted! Be inspired through faith and travel on this journey called life! I would love to help you create memories that will last a lifetime! Respectfully, Dawn Schmidt

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I am passionate about helping plan romantic honeymoons, tropical getaways and family adventures. I strive to offer personalized service and create lasting relationships. I am dedicated to coordinating your most memorable vacations.

Dawn Schmidt

Travel Consultant
Group Tour Manager. Music Lover. Inspirationalist. Christian.

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